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About MBA Services

In addition to handling the financial and office support needs of our corporate clients, the hallmark of MBA Services is to bring entities and individuals full circle by providing wellness information and ongoing health maintenance for employees.

As MBA Services' Principal, Kelly's business management and bookkeeping experience spans more than 19 years in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. While specializing in grant management, audit preparation, system design/implementation and organizational operations for nonprofits, Kelly is also equally comfortable and skilled in handling the bottom line needs of profit-driven companies as well.

Over the years, Kelly has witnessed and personally experienced the negative impact that lack of balance has on the productivity of individuals and businesses alike. That is why she, along with key members of the MBA Services team, is also trained and certified to provide proactive health-focused services. These services include incorporating personal physical training, diet/nutrition analysis and holistic detoxification therapies into employees' and leaders' regiments. Over the years, it has been a privilege for MBA Services to assist clients with balancing, maintaining and managing both wealth and health for their continued, sustainable successes.