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Wealth One Services

Bookkeeping • Audit Preparation • Office Administration

Management's ability to leverage resources to positively affect the bottom line is the foremost goal for nonprofits and companies alike. Ultimately, this delicate balancing act determines the wealth and sustainability of all business. Account for the challenges of the economy and this task is suddenly all the more daunting. Nevertheless, with every challenge there is opportunity. MBA Services opportunity strategy employs a twofold approach.

How Can We Help?

First, we relieve companies of three fundamental business functions, which include: bookkeeping, audit preparation and office administration. This allows management and their employees to spend its human capital on vision, production and execution. Second, we highly recommend and offer several holistic health and fitness regimens for individuals and for entire staffs. Balance of work and wellness will prove to be the edge businesses are seeking to stay competitive in this brave new 21st century environment.

Affordable, accessible and innovative, MBA Services will not only work for you, but we also work with you to honor your budget and your mission. Depending on your needs, fees are negotiable. Some services start as low as $25 an hour.